Bee's Honey
Address: 3603 Sunstar BLVD. SW Albuquerque, NM, 87105
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Phone: 505-907-1220
About Us
Daniel Espalin has been a beekeeper for 25 years. He and his wife, Jennifer, have been selling honey and bee products for20 years at local farmer's markets.
Local Honey Products:
Bee's Honey strives to offer customers raw local honey & bee products as well as educate the public about the importance of bees to our food chain and overall health. All bee products and produce we provide is from our bees and the 21 farms and properties where we have our bees located in Albuquerque and our hives in the Las Cruces area

Hive Removal & Beekeeping:
Not only do we offer raw local honey products, we go above and beyond with our services! We provide a variety of swarm removals and bee extractions. Looking to get in on the beekeeping action? We also offer a 20-hour course in basic beekeeping

For more information about our honey products, hive removal or beekeeping, call Daniel 5055506136 or Jennifer 5059071220 or visit our website: