Radishwoman Pottery
Contact: Diane L Marshall
Address: 1305 Marquette PL NE Albuquerque, , 87106
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Phone: 505-681-4284
About Us
I throw pottery because I love the shapes that I can form from a ball of clay. Both the shapes and the glazing are influenced by my career as a biologist who studies plant reproduction.

I want my customers to have beautiful handmade pottery to serve and eat the wonderful food available at the Growers Market.
Each piece is thrown individually on the wheel using stoneware clay. After throwing, I may alter the shape (see the oil bottles) or assemble pieces (see teapots, mugs and goblets). Pottery is then dried completely and bisque fired to harden the clay. Next, each pot is glazed using locally produced glazes to achieve colors that I find beautiful. Red is my favorite color, but the new combinations with turquoise and slate please me and I can add highlights of red to this combination.