Tomboy Tinkering
Contact: Priscilla Gonzalez
Address: 2620 Barcelona Road S.W. Albuquerque, NM, 87105
Email Address:
Phone: 505-877-3690
About Us
My name is Priscilla Gonzalez, creator and owner of Tomboy Tinkering. I have been an artist and graphic designer for over 30 years.

I produce hand silkscreened, hand folded and digitally cut paper art for daily life. My pieces are designed to be sustainable, affordable and practical. My art is made from paper and water based inks that will decompose when the product has outlived its usefulness.

Tomboy Tinkering is a phrase meant to inspire creativity, adventure and play. I'm the gay daughter of a Hispanic South Valley plumber. Growing up as a tomboy and watching my dad tinker in his garage, has led me to this place in my art.

I hope that my products add beauty, inspire imagination and evoke humor in people's lives.

Also, thanks for buying local!