The Ferm Brinery and Bakehouse
Contact: Jacob Topper
Address: 4410 Wyoming Blvd. NE Albuquerque, NM, 87111
Email Address:
Phone: 818-239-6910
About Us
The Ferm Brinery & Bakehouse is a fermented food project created by me, Jacob Topper. I grew up loving sourdough bread and my grandmas kosher dill pickles. Ever since I was a kid I’ve gravitated towards savory foods and if it was sour, even more so. Remembering back to my childhood while my mother would make dinner I would also be in the kitchen working on “science experiments”, which was just an excuse for me to throw every ingredient I could find into a bowl and mix it up into a brown “potion”. That experimental approach to food has culminated into an ever growing collection of ideas and recipes.
By utilizing heritage culinary knowledge and modern technology I aim to create delicious, healthful, fermented foods that appeal to the modern palette. In my never ending search for new ferments and ingredients I find myself diving into cultures from every continent. I believe food connects us all and fermented foods act as the glue.