The Little Store/D'Marie
Contact: Dolores Aragon
Address: 3590 State Highway 47 3590 State Highway 47 Peralta, NM, 87042
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Phone: 505-459-5657
About Us
Memories of my family and the simplicity of growing up on a farm in southern New Mexico gave me the inspiration to recreate moments that I cherished as a young girl. My paintings represent New Mexico and memories of the past.

I had the pleasure of illustrating three books for Rio Grande Publishing. The author Nasario Garcia takes us back to his younger days and shares traditions of New Mexico. These delightful books are written in Spanish and English.

People often ask me how I came up the name for my business.
My Grandparents owned a store in the 1920's
Guess what is was called? THE LITTLE STORE

Enjoy your Holidays and Stay Safe!!!