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Weekly Subscription :: Get fresh produce every week from local Farmers! Save 10%+ and pay upfront for 6 weeks at a time, or choose weekly payments. EBT/SNAP Subscribers :: 6 week subscription is 50% with your SNAP benefits with the Double Up Foods Bucks NM program. With SNAP its only $10 / wk for fresh produce for everybody for 6 weeks (6 wk upfront payment option)!

Product Description

Whats in the Box?? Bountiful seasonal spring veggies and herbs from a variety of Rio Grande basin farms. Want a convenient way to support local farms and the Rail Yards Market? Organized by staff and volunteers, this bountiful offering brings together 5+ seasonal varieties of produce from different contributing farms. 75% of proceeds go directly to farmers, and the 25% goes to the non-profit operation of the Rail Yards Market. So you can feel good and eat healthy! Participating farms include, Shy Ky, Chispas, EMS, Montoya's Orchard, Mi Young, Vida Verde, Silver Leaf, Rio Valley Greenhouses, Simple Revolution, MRM, and more! This delicious variety assortment is 50% with your SNAP card. Be sure to select SNAP for your payment option at checkout.

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Payment plan: 4 payments
Payment 1 for $40.00 due now
Payment 2 for $120.00 due by 7/2/2021
Payment 3 for $120.00 due by 8/13/2021
Payment 4 for $120.00 due by 9/24/2021
Pay by order: $22.00

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